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How VoIP IVR Services Are Beneficial for Small Businesses?

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We are living in a digital realm where everything is connected and can be accessed using a smartphone and a good internet connection. You can imagine the importance internet by knowing that over 65% of the world’s population has internet access. You might be surprised to know that businesses are switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems or IVR (Interactive voice response) solutions instead of traditional landlines. These phone systems are not only scalable and easy to use, but they offer numerous other benefits along with cost-effectiveness. In this post, we will have a quick look at some of the key benefits of VoIP IVR service. However, you must find a reliable IVR Service Provider Company in India to get a quality IVR solution. 

However, before we move ahead, let us have a brief introduction to what VoIP is. 

What is a VoIP IVR Service?

VoIP as the name suggests is a communication technology that uses an internet connection instead of traditional phone lines to communicate. Not only through voice transmission but VoIP also enables a user to contact a person through video calls, multimedia, and chats. 

One of the most noticeable advantages of using the VoIP IVR Calling System is that the teams can communicate over a single platform and share files & documents remotely. 

Top 7 Ways that Make VoIP IVR Solution Better for Small Businesses

VoIP technology is on a special roller coaster ride that has no coming down. However, since its introduction in 1995, the technology experienced several setbacks, but after 2003, it has no looking back. More and more businesses are switching to IVR Solutions over traditional communication systems. If you are wondering why? Here’s an answer. 

Cost Effectiveness

If we specifically talk about small businesses, cost-effectiveness is one of the prime advantages that make VoIP IVR solutions better for small businesses. On the other hand, who doesn’t want to cut costs wherever possible? Hence, large businesses are also moving towards a dedicated VoIP solution to establish a secure and seamless communication process between employees. The Best IVR Services Company like Getsvision Solutions can provide you with the best IVR service at cost-effective rates. 

When compared to ISDN, a VoIP system is significantly cheaper in the long run. Whether domestic or international calls, you don’t have to pay higher costs doesn’t matter how long the conversation is. 


When it comes to VoIP, it is easy to add or remove an employee without any additional costs. Moreover, you may also not require the help of an expert IT professional to do that. Being a small business, you cannot define the quantity of workforce you may need in the future. Hence, this system gives you the flexibility to easily connect a new joiner to the team. 


To cut costs, many start-ups and small businesses are hiring employees remotely. Not only this but COVID-19 has also forced many big established names to offer work from home to employees. In such a scenario, the VoIP IVR calling system comes in handy as it is flexible enough to be used from anywhere to everywhere having an internet broadband connection. 


Unlike traditional landline systems, VoIP has a lot of features that tempt businesses to switch to this system. Besides incoming and outgoing calls, VoIP IVR calling systems offer video calls, video conferencing, teleconferencing, employee chats, instant messaging, emails, and document-sharing. This can be done anywhere in the world without incurring any extra costs. Moreover, it also allows easy call transfers, email voicemail, call recording, call flipping, call monitoring, and a lot more. 

Easy Set-Up and Management

VoIP systems are simple to install. If we talk about traditional phone systems, they require PBX hardware installation. Along with this, proper wiring needs to be done based on the number of phones required. Not only all this process is full of hassles but also requires the physical presence of technicians. On the other hand, the installation of a VoIP system just requires an app download in the system. No hardware is required. For this, you may also not need the physical presence of an IT professional. 

Enhanced Voice Quality

Another best part about VoIP is enhanced call quality without any lag and latency problems. While using the VoIP system, you will experience crisp and crystal-clear voice quality. You will need a good internet connection for that.

In an environment where concurrent calls are made, VoIP systems are also optimized for preventing background noises and echo while ensuring a clear conversation with clients and customers. For this, you can make use of features like audio compression and noise-cancellation microphone technology. 

Improved Security 

Security will never be a concern with VoIP systems. These systems are protected with a multi-layered network firewall. They also allow you to record and monitor calls for quality and security concerns. Thus, this is another important feature that makes VoIP better for small businesses as data is important for all.

FAQs IVR Service

Q. Are VoIP and IVR the same?

No, IVR is a technology that is included in VoIP solutions.

Q. Is IVR service only for small businesses?

No, VoIP IVR Services can be used by businesses of all sizes to streamline their communication process.

Q. What is the cost of an IVR calling system?

The cost of IVR or VoIP depends on the size of your business and the features you want. Being the best IVR service provider company in India, Getsvision offers IVR Services at cost-effective prices.

Q. Does an interactive voice response system provide a call recording feature?

Yes, the IVR Calling System does offer call recording as well as a call forwarding feature. Get the best VoIP IVR solution from the best IVR services company, Getsvision Solutions.


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