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Top WordPress Development Trends in 2024

WordPress development services in 2024

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in this digitally-driven world. More than 50% of websites worldwide have been built on WordPress. All thanks to its user-friendly interface, loads of features, and security. Whether e-commerce or blogging, WordPress is ideal for building all types of websites.

Now, with millions of websites already there in the digital sphere, it is important to make your website stand out from the crowd. For that, you need to stay updated with the latest trends in WordPress development. This will ensure that your website not only meets the latest trends but also competes strongly. In this guide, we will see what is trending in WordPress development services in 2024.

Trends in 2024 that Are Transforming WordPress Development

Whether you are a WordPress developer or a client seeking a WordPress website development company in India, you must be aware of the changing trends in the industry.

AI Integration

With artificial intelligence marking its footprints slowly, WordPress has also released integrated AI in its interface. However, in its infancy, the integration of AI will help improve the user experience of websites and give the liberty to automate several processes. If we talk about some of the best examples of AI integration in WordPress are chatbots, recommendations based on user behavior, and AI-based content optimization suggestions. These AI-based experiences are only going to improve in the future.’

Headless WordPress

The headless WordPress has many benefits over the traditional CMS including better security,  enhanced scalability, and greater control in providing improved WordPress services. Also known as decoupled WordPress, headless CMS separates the platform for content creators and WordPress website developers. This means content creators can use the familiar interface to add or remove content, and developers can do their job with any suitable framework like React, Vue.js, Flutter, Svelte, etc. This update also helps improve the overall user experience.


In 2024, WooCommerce is going to have a special place in WordPress development. This Plugin will help WordPress website developers create fully engaging and interactive online stores on this CMS. It won’t be wrong to say that more people use e-commerce on their mobile devices rather than desktops. This is because it is easier and more convenient to use anywhere. As a result, adapting to WooCommerce to create more online stores will be a great idea. It is a versatile and scalable platform suitable for all business sizes.

WordPress 6.1

Though it was released at the end of 2022, WordPress 6.1 is still in the trends in 2024. WordPress is praised for its continuous updates and feature enhancements. The Best WordPress website development company in India like Getsvision Solutions often employs the latest version for WordPress development. Here are some of the features that require attention in WordPress 6.1:

  • Modifications to the template editor
  • Improved block and design tools
  • Newer & improved borders
  • Enhanced padding and margin options
  • Content-lock editing
Voice Search Integration

Voice search is becoming a factor in gaining higher SERP rankings. In WordPress development, voice search is being largely used. Still, it is under trend in 2024 as well. Voice search makes it easy for internet users to find what they are looking for. Moreover, voice search is increasing gradually as more people have started to use voice commands for finding anything on the internet. If you already have a website with no voice search integration, an experienced WordPress Website Maintenance Services Agency can help optimize your website with the latest features in trend.

WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is a premium WordPress hosting platform that is more commonly used for large websites. Meaning, this version of WordPress is suitable for websites with very high traffic that cannot be managed with a normal WordPress platform. The reason why it is in trend is its high security, speed, scalability, and enterprise-grade support.  

White Space

White space has been in WordPress development trends you’re quite some time now and in 2024 as well, it is still an important factor. White spaces make your website look decent and more attractive. It helps gain more user attention to different blocks on your website. Enough white space should be there to keep your website uncluttered and increase user engagement.

Video Backgrounds

Though not new, video headers and backdrops are still popular because of their attractiveness in 2024. WordPress website developers often try relevant video backgrounds to make the website more interesting and engaging. It is seen that using video and graphics increases website engagement and this is a helpful factor in managing bounce rate.

Drag & Drop Page Builders

This feature has changed the way of using WordPress services. The simple drag-and-drop tool eliminates the need for coding while helping developers to create a website that stands out from the crowd seamlessly. One of the advantages of this continuing trend of WordPress development is that even a non-technical person can manage WordPress with simple guidance.

Not only the ease but drag and drop builders also significantly reduce the time and cost of WordPress development. This trend is highly popular and seems to be for many more years to come as well.

Blockchain Integration

Technology is ever-advancing irrespective of the field. The integration of blockchain into WordPress provides some serious protection against cyber threats. Being an open-source platform, WordPress experiences numerous cyber threats with many website owners facing data loss and misuse. Integrating blockchain will minimize the amount of threats to WordPress while keeping your data secured. With continually enhancing technology, more security features will be seen to protect from cyber threats in the future

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have revolutionized the way people used to shop online. They can now visualize the products they want to buy in homes even when not physically present. People can see which is looking better before finalizing what to buy. When it comes to this WordPress development trend, it is only going to become better while helping shoppers make the right purchase decision.

The Last Say

WordPress is a platform liked and used by millions and the numbers are gradually increasing. The ease it provides to WordPress website developers and security to website owners have helped increase its popularity over the years. Above all, it is also feature-packed and newer ones keep adding with regular updates. Considering these trends of WordPress development in 2024 will help you know the most important features of this content management system. Moreover, you can also tell your WordPress website maintenance services agency to optimize your website with the latest trends. The mentioned ones are only the most popular, there are many and they keep changing with the changing technology.

To get technologically advanced and feature-packed WordPress services, you can consult Getsvision, an experienced WordPress website development company in India.


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