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SMS Marketing – Hiring Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Text messages may sound old school but they are still under trend. Whether you have withdrawn money from your bank account or purchased something online, a text message confirms your transaction and serves as proof. Not only this but SMS marketing is also an important part of digital marketing strategies adopted by businesses. Text messages connect customers and leads while keeping them informed about the latest offers and product launches. Well, for this, one must consider hiring Bulk SMS Service Provider in India to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign. In this blog, we will be discussing bulk SMS marketing in brief along with the benefits of bulk SMS services. 

Who is a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India?

A bulk SMS service provider in India is a company that provides professional services for bulk SMS marketing. They use quality software to send personalized text messages to your customers and target audience. Moreover, Bulk SMS Senders can also send messages in regional languages based on the demographic of your target audience. Above all, these companies also keep a complete record of the number of text messages sent, delivered, and opened.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the best and simplest ways to stay connected with your existing and prospective customers. This form of marketing includes sending text messages to people, both personalized and non-personalized based on your campaign goals. SMS marketing is known for delivering a high ROI while improving your brand awareness. Through Bulk SMS Marketing, one can send promotional messages, discount offers, sales, and new product launches to keep the target audience in the loop. To get the best out of SMS marketing, it is always better to hire an experienced bulk SMS service provider like Getsvision. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Bulk SMS Services?

Here are the key advantages of opting for bulk SMS services:

Cost Effectiveness

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the cost-effective ways of reaching your target audience. Businesses of all sizes and budgets can benefit from this marketing strategy. However, you must hire an experienced and proven Bulk SMS Service Provider to ensure budget-friendly Bulk SMS Costs

Connect Quickly with a Large Audience

Bulk SMS services send text messages to thousands of people all at once. As a result, your message will be delivered to all valid numbers as soon as the service provider hits send. 

High Open Rates

Reports have found that Bulk SMS Marketing has open rates of more than 95%. This means there are very high chance that your message will be read by receivers. It is one of the reasons why bulk SMS services are popular despite the success of other marketing campaigns. 

Customized Messages

Good bulk SMS service providers in India like Getsvision Solutions provide this feature of personalizing every message that is being sent. This makes communication more engaging and the recipient will pay more attention to the message. This eventually will enhance response rates. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Bulk SMS services provide this feature of real-time reporting. Through this feature, businesses can quickly analyze the delivery rates, open rates, and responses. As a result, they can assess the effectiveness of their campaign and make changes to the messages if required.

Solution for All

Bulk SMS marketing is a “one size fits all” sort of marketing solution. This means it doesn’t matter what the size or niche of your business is, you can use text message marketing to send alerts, offers, discounts, contests, reminders, and more.

Schedule Messages

Bulk SMS Services give you the liberty to schedule messages in advance and they will be delivered to your target audience at that time only. It is highly effective while sending holiday or festival greetings, birthday wishes, and reminders for a sale in advance. 

Better Customer Relationship Management 

Through SMS marketing, you can maintain a healthy relationship with your customers while improving your reputation. Through text messages, you can contact your customers personally and address their queries. This will strengthen your bond with the customers.

FAQs Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Q. How much does bulk SMS cost?

The Cost of Bulk SMS Services depends on various factors including the countries your SMS is being sent, the SMS plan you have chosen, and the route of sending SMSs. At Getsvision Solutions, we have a fair pricing structure for bulk SMS services. 

Q. How to find the best bulk SMS service provider in India?

To find the best and most reliable bulk SMS service provider in India, you need to analyze the type of bulk SMS services provided by 3-4 companies. Moreover, it is also important to assess their experience in bulk SMS marketing along with the customer reviews. Above all, Getsvision Solutions is a trustworthy Bulk SMS Sender in India with years of experience and over 92% client satisfaction rate.

Q. Is there any limit for sending promotional messages?

No, there is no limit to sending text messages during Bulk SMS marketing. However, it is advised to send messages in short bursts to avoid any problems by the carriers. At Getsvision Solutions, we pay close attention to this and ensure that your SMS marketing campaign runs smoothly. 

Q. Do I need to pay for failed messages?

Yes, if any message is undelivered to a contact list you have provided, you will be liable to bare message cost for those failed messages. 


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