SMTP Server Price List

SMTP Server provides unlimited emails through your Cloud based Web-Application, CMS(Wordpress, Dotnet, Drupal) and desktop application(Outlook, Send blaster, Thunderbird).




100K Emails
1 Month validity
DKIM,SPF,DMARC Authentication
High delivery ratio
Dedicated IP
24/7 Support



300K Emails
1 Month validity
DKIM,SPF,DMARC Authentication
High delivery ratio
Dedicated IP
24/7 Support



500K Emails
1 Month validity
DKIM,SPF,DMARC Authentication
High delivery ratio
Dedicated IP
24/7 Support



1 Million Emails
1 Month Validity
DKIM,SPF,DMARC Authentication
High Delivery Ratio
Dedicated IP
24/7 Support

SMTP Service for Bulk Emails - Getsvision Solutions

SMTP Services Feature Emails SMTP Server Price
High Email delivery 1,00,000 ₹2000
Dedicated IP & IP Rotation Feature 1 Million ₹9000
DKIM, SPF and DMARC Authentication 3 Million ₹22000

SMTP Server Provider for Bulk Email Noida

SMTP (Simple mail Transfer Protocol) is an Internet standard for sending e-mails. The servers used to send mails are known as SMTP Servers. An SMTP server is a gateway which can be easily integrated on any mail Application. Now-a-days dedicated SMTP servers are mostly being used to send emails in bulk at very low prices.

Some of the companies choose to set up their own SMTP servers to send mails to their customers. However, many are opting for External resources to provide with SMTP servers as a vendor. A vendor is a third party service provider to the customers and in this case an SMTP service provider performs the task for the customers on their behalf. SMTP providers came in existence as the task of sending bulk e-mails is tedious and at the same time it's sometime hard to manage the large transactions of e-mails.


There are two ways of setting up an SMTP server. The first one is to set up the physical server and the second one is to host the SMTP servers on reliable and dedicated servers located across the globe. Opting for an SMTP server has its own benefits. For example, no one would like to recruit an employee and provide them salary on monthly basis only for mailing by using SMTP servers, Whereas, SMTP server providers are experts in the field and they are aware of the in and out of it. Along with that, the proper affiliation reduces the probability of the mails being labeled as spam. We keep a regular track of the activities our customer is performing on the SMTP Servers. By doing this we can track and provide solutions to the issues which may occur in the process. For example, the spam issue, mails are not being sent etc.


SMTP Server for Email Marketing

Mass messaging applications and dependably, the SMTP server have turned into a fundamental part of present day online email campaign to promote the business or products.

Standard mail advertisers and listing managers require quick, dependable and effective bulk email sending programming arrangement. All said, the basic knowledge of the required features in this regard would help the customers to avail the cheap SMTP server for email marketing in Noida, and other places in the country.

Getsvisionsolutions, India’s most trusted name of SMTP server provider in Noida

Getsvisionsolutions as a leading SMTP provider for mass mailing campaign provides easy to use and integrate tool with added benefits such as to make, send, track sent SMS and newsletters or and archive the details of your email advertising.

The Services from this place has many of the additional advantages and It likewise incorporates effective Plug-in or web API to totally mechanize your marketing follow-ups and client input circles as well. This company primarly located in Noida, has been serving the clients with best in class SMTP server for email marketing in Noida and other parts of the country.


Getsvisionsolutions for bulk email server in Noida

Email marketing is useful to disperse unique selling point to extensive number of clients at once as the cost of email campaign is generally low in contrast with different sorts of promotion modes.

In contrasted with other media ventures, for example, post office based mail or printed pamphlets, bulk email server in Noida from Getsvisionsolutions for email marketing is more affordable. Along these line the firm has a great collection of email database of the Delhi NCR area, which makes it tthe most favored name of the best smtp services provder in Delhi NCR. Companies or business group can convey the considerable quantities of targeted customers who have subscribed the newsletters. And that in turns grab the potentially important amount of customers' attention.


What Makes Getsvisionsolutions No.1 SMTP Server Provider in Noida, India

The efficient and cutting technological support for any kind of digital campaign from Getsvisionsolutions ensures best in class SMTP servers in Noida India. In addition, the one window solution for complete email and SMS Campaign include the following services:-

  • SMTP Server on Rent for Bulk E-mailing
  • Mass emailing and SMS Gateway
  • Mass Mailing Plugin and API
  • Email Hosting Services
  • Unsubscribed List Tracking System
  • Google Analytics Integration System
  • Dedicated SMTP server for Mass Mailing on rent
  • Many of the Built-in Templates

Getsvisionsolutions, The Cost Effective SMTP Services Provider in Noida, India

  • Delivery 100% Guarantee
  • Dozens of Built-in Template
  • Use Existing or Customized Template
  • Dedicated Bulk Email Server
  • Unsubscribed Newsletter Reporting
  • Unsubscribe Reporting
  • SMTP Server on Rental Basis
  • TLS Layer Powered SMTP Server
  • Dedicated IP Addresses and SMTP Server
  • Round the Clock Support Services
  • Import and Export Content in multiple File Formats (.CSV, XML, .TXT).
  • Dedicated SMTP server for bulk mailing and SMS Campaign
  • Unreade Emails and Link Tracking System
  • Cloud Based Server Accessible everywhere in world

Multiple API options to Integrate with existing system and so on like features have been made available to ensure the best SMTP server for mass mailing for the customers at pocket friendly prices.